Our Mission

We are Marena and Lou Dobrolsky. Our company was started to support living an active, healthy, and happy lifestyle. We support the journey, not just the idea of the end result or perfection. Through our stamp we use our brands name to inspire, to support, and to build community. 

On July 4th, 2017, ThickSet Threads was born with the philosophy that if you truly love the person that you are, the positivity you reflect translates into all aspects of your life, from improving personal relationships to bettering those around you.

The active lifestyle has forever changed my life; my name is Lou. Growing up, statements like "bad genes" and "you will never" plagued my thoughts of working towards a healthy, active lifestyle (or grinding towards my dream body). From high school football to playing music on stages all around the country, I've spent the last five years of my life in corporate America. Following a routine physical, I found myself at my heaviest body weight (summer of 2015). High Cholesterol, high blood pressure, and an alarmingly scared physician was enough for me to make a drastic lifestyle change. Today, the person you see standing in this photo has used determination, passion, and a relentless drive in the last two years to be happy and healthy. Because of this transformation, I have the ability and ambition to truly be good to my family, friends, coworkers, and business partners. My deepest passion lives within the active lifestyle, being happy, and feeling alive. With always having the entrepreneurial spirit in mind, my wife (cofounder) Marena and I started ThickSet Threads to represent the bond and drive to achieve any goals you set, no matter how difficult they may be.